I’m feeling the need to keep track of things. So that’s the attempt here. So much has happened in the past week that the whole country seems to be in shock. Trying  to make sense of things is something that I do. I guess I never quite lost the inquisitiveness of my childhood. As I began to comprehend the bigger world around me I just sort of expanded my desire to understand. Kind of a quirk, I guess. In the years I’ve spent wandering around this earthly sphere I’ve pondered and wondered and puzzled over many subjects from divine to mundane. On some I’ve made some headway, on others I remained hopelessly perplexed.

But the past few days have not only confused me but caused a bit of a tailspin. And I’m sure that is a fairly common response for a lot of people right now. The ramifications of this election, for every individual and for our nation, are deep, troubling and greatly unknown. Nothing like this has ever happened in our entire history. We simply can’t anticipate all the possible outcomes.

Several questions present themselves for me:

How dis this happen?

What will happen next? And after that?

How is this going to affect me and those I care about?

And after some thought a really big one:

What are we going to do about it?

So one thing I am going to do, mostly for my own sanity, but hopefully to help further the cause, is write these pages. I’m not a professional writer or journalist or anything like that. Maybe what I do here will go unnoticed. That’s OK, although I hope it doesn’t turn out that way, because I’ll still be adding something to the energy gathering across our country. Each of us who spontaneously, intentionally sets out to express their beliefs, condemn the rising darkness or resist in their own way adds to the energy of the resistance. The knowledge that there are others taking action feeds our resolve and contributes to our ultimate success.

The articles you’ll find here will be a mix of personal observations, and prejudices, and reports from wherever I find them or am directed towards. The idea is to take the pulse of the country on an ongoing basis; “news from the resistance” if you will. The other aspect is to track what the opposition is up to and how it’s affecting people. Hope you find me up to the task. One note here: *this may be really pretentious, but if you are involved in the resistance and you are trying to get the word out about what you are doing, I will be happy to pass along your message*.

The answers to the questions I posed above are a tangled, complicated mess, as is just beginning to emerge. As usual, before the votes had even been completely tallied we started hearing theories. Seemed everybody had one (like a certain bodily aperture) and it didn’t stop; haven’t stopped yet. Some are knee-jerk, some looked at things analytically, some were superficial and some well thought out. But we’re struggling to understand. It’s going to take some time and some hard self-examination as we as a nation, as individuals and as a cause come to an understanding of the forces that brought us here and how we can direct the future. Don’t forget that.

It’s too much to tackle all at once. Politicians, pundits and others will offer simplistic, and often obstructionist, explanations which they will use in ways we can only wait to experience to build their power and wealth. It’s what they do. And the really nightmarish part of it if they now control the entire government, all three branches. There are no checks and balances except the American people. They think they own the game.

But they don’t. That is becoming clear.

So I invite you to walk alongside me as I undertake this journey. I’m just another guy, like you. But I want to know what’s happening. Maybe we can figure it out together.

Till next time.