Rules For Commenting

These are the rules for commenting here. Please take just a moment to read through them. You will be held to them if you choose to leave a comment. Thanks.

  1. Say what you feel. Be authentic. State and/or defend your ideas but don’t attack, slander, threaten or ridicule each other.
  2. Negative or derogatory statements about others’ disabilities, religion, sex, orientation, ethnic or national origins, or just accepting people are different and unique in their experience and beliefs and that that’s a GOOD thing, will not be tolerated. Likewise any form of hate speak. Finally, don’t even try to dump on children in any way!
  3. No Violence!!!, explicit or implied, hoped for or wished upon, even if directed at a thoroughly despicable and totally bankrupt piece of human excrement.
  4. I moderate this forum. It’s my blog. I am a fairly reasonable and broad-minded person under most circumstances. I appreciate a good dick joke, off-color limerick or irreverent meme. Feel free to express yourself as if you were talking with a group of friends, which is my hope. There are no banned words or such. Basically, respect one another and be as civilized as possible.
  5. RESIST!