A Deceitful Charade

There is a peculiar affectation going around these days. It is a sort of intentional or willful ignorance, a stance in which facts are irrelevant or are re-framed to support a person’s agenda. This sort of thing has been around politics forever but the level it’s being taken to now is disturbing. It has become the default mode of the conservatives from top to bottom. It is also self-righteous and condescending, smugly dismissing anything that doesn’t correspond to their viewpoint.

It’s when Sen. McConnell justifies stalling SCOTUS confirmation saying the people should decide, ignoring the two terms President Obama was elected to.

It’s when KellyAnne Conway says “I will tell you that even those who are sympathetic to President Obama on most issues are saying that part of the reason he did this today was to quote box in President-elect Trump.”.

It’s when Rep. Ryan insists the GOP has a mandate to repeal the ACA even though only about 26% of the public agree and 85% approve of the specifics of the law individually.

Or when blowhard Gingrich (please just go away) states that “There’s no question that the intelligence that President Obama has been getting has either been incompetent or politicized.” days before 17 intelligence agencies provided positive proof of Russia’s interference with the election.

And it’s there, too, in the reactions of the GOP, none of whom showed any reaction when presented with the evidence, or when DJ himself, after being fully briefed and provided with all the evidence declared the Russian’s activities had no impact on the election and therefore his legitimacy.

In fact, that’s one of the more obvious examples, as DJ and his team of sycophants, two months after the election and even after it was certified by Congress, have remained tenaciously attached to defending his legitimacy.

And it sifts down to the base (pun intended) of DJ’s supporters. Who hasn’t encountered some (or many) wingnut trolls saying some variation of “We won, so quit whining, libtard (snowflake, SJW)!” and out into public where a string of off-the-rails DJ supporters have begun screaming about being discriminated against because they’re white or a DJ supporter while being recorded for Facebook and posterity by standers-by.

What it boils down to is an insincere condescending self-righteous smugness as they posture and misdirect and deny and lie, disregarding facts or truth or twisting them to use to justify their dysfunctional worldview which they use to proclaim their superiority at the same time as they try to claim being misunderstood or persecuted.

And through it all they disregard both the true will of the people and the impact, almost universally negative and potentially harmful, on those people who are so clearly saying this is not the direction we want to see our country travel.

But at this point they are unwavering and determined to plow ahead regardless. What ultimate damage they might do is disheartening to any thinking person.

But a big part of it is smoke and mirrors combined with wishful thinking. They don’t have a mandate. The voters denied them that. And talk is cheap before the boots hit the ground. Both DJ and the GOP are finding this out. When Congress tried to pull an end run with the congressional ethics office it was not DJ and his tweets that caused them to back down. It was thousands of messages from citizens objecting strongly to their action. When DJ tried to convince people the Russians had not intentionally interfered with the elections the intelligence community backed up their allegations with proof (which he valiantly tried to avoid acknowledging, which his inner circle tried hard to spin). The GOP is beginning to understand that it’s going to be damn hard to get rid of the ACA without incurring massive public damage. 23 million people stand to lose their healthcare, bringing about thousands of heartbreak stories to lay at their feet along with chaos and disruption to the insurance industry and medical providers (and big financial hits).

DJ and the GOP and their supporters think America has been served up to them on a platter. Let’s hope they choke on it.

Till next time.